Jay Garrigan – Deep Sea Wishing

November 20, 2017
Jay Garrigan
Stealth Kitty Records
Producer: Jay Garrigan
Number of discs: 1

Deep Sea Wising

©2017 Jay Garrigan (ASCAP)

  1. Seven Horses Seven Ships
  2. We Are Not Alone
  3. Let It Go
  4. Maybe I Should Thank You
  5. White Roses (Part 1)
  6. Imaginary Jumpsuit
  7. Hard Wired
  8. Unsatisfied

All words and music by Jay Garrigan.

Musicians include: Jay Garrigan, Shawn Lynch, Joe Kuhlman, Joe Garrigan, Mike Garrigan, Patrick Reed, and Nic Brown.

Recording and mixing engineers include: Jay Garrigan, Mike Garrigan, Chris Garges, Joe Kuhlman, and Ryan Pitkin.

Mastered by Mike Garrigan.

Deep Sea Wishing is now released with the originally intended artwork (by his wife, Jenn) and songs. “The label that put this record out originally wanted to include all of my previously published songs, and the new material got buried. Hindsight is usually 20/20 in the rear-view mirror, and these eight songs, rather than 22, have a central theme that ties them together. I didn’t want these songs to just disappear as they have a time and place in my life. I think these songs have a cohesive message and vibe, and I’m happy to put these songs out on my own” says Jay.