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Hi – the start of 2016 is very busy with a flurry of reckless abandon:

  • Performed with the legendary Kelley Deal, Alabama Shakes and Wreckless Eric already this year!
  • The firstThe-Eyebrows 45 vinyl record should be release late August!
  • My new band The-Eyebrows are recording our first record with the legendary Mitch Easter. Mixing will finish late May, and looking toward a late 2016 release
  • Backing up a Bruce Hazel solo effort, playing all electronics behind his stories and voice
  • Publishing a fourth record, “Day of the Dove” with Temperance League (keys/piano/organ/etc.)
  • Recording a fifth record, “Space Aquarium” with Temperance League (whatever!)
  • Performing with both bands wherever and whenever we can
  • Playing guitar and keys with Amigo on their new split 7″ and upcoming record, again recording with Mitch Easter


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Jay's blog and other musings
  • Music Update April 2016

    In my last blog, I said that I’d update this site monthly. Well, we can see how well that worked out! Instead, I’ll just update when I have something to say, or something extraordinary occurring.

    I do have several exciting things happening. First, if you could please bookmark and subscribe to http://the-eyebrows.com. It’s my main project and what I’m most focused on. We just finished mixing two songs with Mitch Easter, and I had those mastered by Greg Calbi out of Sterling Sound in NYC. At first, I was a bit hesitant about spending the extra cash on mastering, but it’s totally worth it. I tried experimenting with online mastering or doing it myself, but nothing compares to a real professional with decades of experience and having mastered some of the greatest albums ever published. I can literally hear every instrument clearly at any volume on any speaker due to his artful mastering. The-Eyebrows plan to publish two songs via a vinyl release this summer, and the sooner, the better. The artwork is almost done, so we are on our way.

    In May I’ll go back into the studio to mix the remaining eight The-Eyebrows songs with Mitch Easter, and start the mastering process soon after that. If you like the songs you are hearing, I’m interested in talking to folks into partnering to put out the record, be it individuals or a label.

    The-Eyebrows also had an exciting week last week with three shows, on opening for the legendary Kelley Deal (Breeders, The Amps) in her band R.Ring. Might I note R.Ring also contains one of the humblest and coolest musicians I have yet to meet, Mike Montgomery. I bought all their records and thoroughly enjoy them. Also, we had a stellar night at Petras that I’m still getting emails and texts about, playing with our new friends Evergone and Jaggermouth. Going to publish photo evidence of these shows on The-Eyebrows site soon, including some amazing shots by the one and only photography troubadour, Dan Coston.

    We’ll publish our music online too. I’ve been very suspicious and hesitant to publish anything online, as I am not a fan of the subscription-based models, but I suppose things such as Spotify are here to stay. Oh, and there are plans for a video or two to be cut, so stay tuned.

    Temperance League is almost done mastering the 3rd record, and we’re going into the studio this month to start recording the 4th. What a crazy band! I’m really in love with how the 3rd record turned out, but I will not preview any spoilers here! It’s different, psychedelic at times, and totally HOT!

    Amigo invited me up to play guitar on a song, and play combo organ on another. I’m not sure when those come out, but I’m so happy to be invited to work with them. I think I have a recording sort of relationship with Amigo, but as usual, I leave the door open for whatever they want me to do. I love Slade, his songs and his band.

    Oh, one more thing – I’m backing Bruce Hazel (of Temperance League) up on a few upcoming solo shows. Actually, I’m doing most of the music and he’s doing most of the talking/singing. I think that’s all I should say about it for now. We want it to be a surprise.

    That’s about it. Except that I write songs compulsively. I think I’m a bit ahead of myself on that front.

  • Music Update October, 2015

    While writing and performing weigh heavily and compulsively on my mind, I don’t think much about promoting it. I’m uncomfortable talking about myself, and to be honest, I really don’t like having a website. It’s fairly transparent to everyone but the self-promoter that anyone who relishes in self-promotion is clearly nuts. While I’m sure there’s an artistry to it, I don’t see that as the role of an artist.

    But, promotion is an ambivalent vice for rockers. I do want people to know that I love creating music, and I want to continue sharing what I love. In an effort to start promoting, I’m going to post a monthly update about what I’m doing musically. I’m not ashamed to admit that this month is very exciting.

    The-Eyebrows are recording our first record with famed producer Mitch Easter this month. Our aim in our first session is to track basics (drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals) for up to ten songs. We will need 2-3 more sessions to finish the project, so look for a release in early to mid 2016. If you didn’t know, The-Eyebrows is my new band, and hopefully sounds like something between The Talking Heads, The B-52s and my confessional, moody songwriting, but I’m trying to move away from the latter. Maybe it doesn’t sound anything like that, because we also get comparisons to Queen and The Smiths. Go figure! Anywho, we’re really excited about this. We’ve started to book shows, and are happy to say that we had 93 fine-looking people at our first show. Did I mention my vision challenges?

    Temperance League is also putting on the final touches on our fourth album with said famed Mitch Easter, and a new record will be out in early 2016. We’ve been playing a few festivals and shows – check out the schedule when you can. I’m on the keys these days, and I think I’ve gotten much better at them recently.

    I’ve been asked to do a few solo shows, but I’m not really into doing that right now. Like I said, I’m not really into promoting me, but into something I can be a part of.

    Also, I’ve been toying with ambient music. The challenge with ambient music is that it’s not really music that you listen to directly, so a show would and should be a moot point. I’m fascinated with Brian Eno’s ambient works at the moment. More on this later.

    Thanks for reading! Looking forward to producing more news in November!

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