Greg Calbi set to master The Eyebrows debut album

We are quite excited to announce that Greg Calbi is set to master The Eyebrows‘ first record this March 2017. The Eyebrows finished tracking and mixing in late 2016 with Mitch Easter in his Fidelatorium recording studio. Now, were taking the mixes to the next level with Greg Calbi in his Sterling Sound mastering facility.

Mitch and Greg have worked together as mixing and mastering engineers on some of my favorite records, such as R.E.M.’s Chronic Town and Murmur. Greg Calbi has mastered some of the greatest albums ever made, including greats such as Paul Simon’s Graceland and multiple albums by legends like The Ramones, Lou Reed, Television, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads and many others.

The art of mastering is often misunderstood, but I would describe it as the last step of the recording process where an engineer applies tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement. Mitch purposefully added extra sonic information in The Eyebrows mixes so that Greg could reign them in.

We’re just over-the-moon thrilled that Greg is mastering our songs, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon.


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