Jay Garrigan featured in Mike Garrigan podcast

Jay Garrigan Kings GreenroomMy brother Mike Garrigan, a Billboard charting artist, has graciously featured me in his latest podcast.

Download it here: http://buff.ly/1qvreMd

Mike has been podcasting for several years now. He got me to talk about most of my past bands (Pete Gorgeous, 2nd Skin, Violet Strange, Laburnum, Poprocket, Transmission Fields, Garrigan, Garrigan Bros) and current bands Temperance League and The-Eyebrows.

We also talk a bit about growing up, first musical experiences, best shows, worst shows and everything in between. It’s a good laugh at least going down memory lane!

Mike features a ruff mix of a song I wrote “Let it go” and one he wrote called “Add it up.”


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