Jay Garrigan plays with Amigo in their new videos

Slade Baird of Amigo. Photo by Jeff Hahne.

Slade Baird of Amigo. Photo by Jeff Hahne.

Hi – I was delighted to play with the mighty boys of Amigo (Slaide Baird, Adam Phillips and Craig Lentz) recently in a video for their song “Best Laid Plans.” We recorded live over several takes at Sioux Sioux Studio which was engineered by Chris Walldorf. The video was shot by Chris Gervais and Micah Troublefield.

Slade called me and asked me to be a part of a live recording & video. I said yes on the spot even though I have no heard Amigo’s music because I really liked how manic he looked in his live photos. I mean… how could one NOT be awesome and look like a rock-n-roll maniac?

Now I’m a big fan SLADE’s songs and Amigo! Look at this crazy guy –> He’s rocking his BRAINS out!

I’m a little fuzzy on the day-of details, but I do remember having a monster headache and I tried to cure it with Advil and Redbull before we performed. For some reason I kept calling Slade another name… “Seth.”  We had a rehearsal the week before and that was a lot of fun. Also, I got to enjoy a nice dinner with Slade and Ashley after the shoot.

I left it open with Amigo – if they give me a call, I’d love to play again with them sometime.

We shot three videos, so I hope to see another one soon!


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